The Housing Wealth Advisor Certification Course

Enhance Your Retirement Planning Conversations In Just 4 Hours

Today's advisors need every viable tool to effectively serve their clients and sustain their practice.  The newly restructured reverse mortgage has become one such tool.

Filmed at the American College of Financial Services, the Certified Housing Wealth Advisor Course will demonstrate how housing wealth is optimizing retirement outcomes.


Your Practice

The competition for your clients’ attention is fierce, and the strategies to attract new clients are scarce. Adding housing wealth to your vocabulary, client-engagement strategies and digital profile will absolutely set you apart.

Earn New Clients &
Engage Current Ones

There is currently more than $6 trillion in senior home equity. If housing wealth is not a part of your planning conversations, you are missing out on the single largest way to impact current clients, access new ones and grow your practice.

for the Future

Reverse mortgages as part of the retirement income conversation are no longer an addendum. Many reputable institutions, individuals and organizations have come to embrace the program as a viable retirement income planning tool.

Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course today, you will have a better, deeper, richer understanding of what the reverse mortgage is, how it works, when it is appropriate, and when it’s not.

Discover how the newly restructured reverse mortgage: 
  • Gives advisors tools that lead to more significant planning conversations with existing clients as well as unprecedented access to new clients with investable resources.
  • Eliminates the most powerful risks to retirement income and helps advisors identify new ways their clients can keep their assets working longer without sacrificing lifestyle or enjoyment.
  • Demonstrates the incorporation of housing wealth in retirement income planning to create enhanced outcomes not otherwise achievable.
  • Creates opportunities for clients to increase investments under management and purchase appropriately-placed insurance and annuities all without using loan proceeds.
  • Helps manage tax brackets and hedge against inflation, property deflation and unexpected expenses.

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